ERV-24-HC11 Thermostat With FanCycler

erv-24 programmable thermostat

24VAC Surface Mount Thermostat With FanCycler® Applications

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The ERV-24 brings you the cutting edge in technology into an extremely simple 24Vac thermostat. FanCycler® methods are incorporated into the attractive, surface mounted thermostat which has a large, easy-to-read, display.

The ERV-24-HC11 thermostat with FanCycler® has enhanced features to compliment controlled mechanical ventilation systems. These features were configured by your installing technician. A brief summary description follows:

FAN CYCLING CONFIGURATION — The purpose of fan cycling is to assure that the central air handler fan will run enough to distribute ventilation air and evenly mix air throughout the house when there is no demand for heating or cooling. Rather than operate the fan continuously or by a simple timer that can’t consider prior operation, the FanCycler® method saves energy and wear and tear on equipment by only operating the fan if it hasn’t already operated enough.

VENTILATION DAMPER CYCLING — The purpose of cycling the ventilation damper is to limit the possibility of over-ventilating during peak-load conditions which could cause unnecessary space conditioning energy consumption. If the fan stays on longer than needed for the introduction of ventilation air, the damper will automatically close.


  • Main Supply 24Vac
  • Fresh Air Damper output – 24Vac – Power Open / Spring close
  • Remote sensor connection or Average option
  • Offset for temperature reading adjustment
  • Lock buttons (Tamper proof)
  • Data Storage – Diagnostics
  • FanCycler® build in

DIP Switch/Jumper selection

  • Programmable or non Programmable
  • Auto Change-Over or Manual Heat-Cool
  • Compressor 3 minute delay
  • Fan Mode (Electric or Oil/Gas)