We provide HVAC solutions for all manner of systems controlled by thermostats including Fan Coil systems, Building Automation, remote Telephone Controlled Thermostats, Fan Cycler Thermostats and Flush mounted designer thermostats.

Our thermostats are installed in many of the high end condominium buildings in the Battery Park area of lower Manhattan, including the FMT, ETN and CTR thermostats.

Our Telephone controlled thermostats are installed in thousands of weekend homes across the United States and Canada providing remote access for raising or lowering temperatures in week-end homes, cottages, cabins and condominiums. Our CEO Telephone controlled Thermostat will even call out to warn of Low Temperature, Hi Temperature or any Auxiliary system in alarm condition.

Our company provides custom solutions not matched by other thermostat manufacturers.

Over the past few years we have designed a very affordable solution for building automation in the form of our Maxinet Building Automation System.
We also have very affordable solutions for Modbus & BACnet systems.

Thermostats that we designed are presently in use in large hotels located in Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Niagara Falls, and New York City. Our Fan Cycler thermostats are in use with America’s major builders in California, Las Vegas and Florida.

We remain committed to providing hi tec thermostat solutions for all our past and future clients.