Building Automation

SCI USA can help you with a variety of building hvac automation systems. Whatever your challenge is, there are solutions for you that include fully remote and network controlled systems and can use a variety of protocols including tcp/ip web based, BACnet, modbus and Maxinet.



    Room Panels

    Flush mount thermostat with built in temperature sensor* and LCD display.

    Maxinet - Mini B.M.S. Control Software

    Maxinet is a Web based, mini B.M.S. software, for controlling small to medium size HVAC networks.

    TCP/IP - Web HVAC Network Controller

    The TCP/IP/WEB controller is an ideal solution for real-time monitoring and control of a thermostat network, via the internet, without the need for designated computer.

    CTUx601 - Input/Output Card

    The CTU-x601 is an Input/Output (I/O) card for BACnet, Modbus or Maxinet communication network, designed to control various devices from the Building Automation Server/Application.

    CTU - Air Handling Unit Controller

    The CTU AHU is a “Plug & Play” controller, suitable for small/medium AHU without the need to modify/program the software for each application.

    CTU - Main Controller - Building Automation

    The CTU is a smart, highly versatile controller developed to meet the need for a controller, readily implemented for customer’s unique HVAC application.