TCP/IP – Web HVAC Network Controller

tcp/ip web hvac controller

The TCP/IP/WEB controller is an ideal solution for real-time monitoring and control of a thermostat network, via the internet, without the need for designated computer.

The TCP/IP/WEB enables web access to the HVAC Network Control program via an exclusive IP, and therefore doesn’t require a main control omputer. Up to 60 Meitav-tec thermostats/controllers can be connected to each TCP/IP/WEB via RS-485 communication network making the control simple,
easy and most importantly accessible from any device with internet connection.

The TCP/IP/WEB offers a user friendly interface with options for area/floor scheme display, Text alarms to cellular phones, weekly programs, data logger and more.


  • No need for main computer on site
  • System continues to work as a standalone system
  • when disconnected from the web
  • Friendly, clear graphic display of all units
  • Remote control of all the units in the network

General Features:

  • Main supply: 24VAC, 110VAC or 230VAC
  • Real-Time, thermostats network main controller
  • Web access to each controller via exclusive IP
  • Control Mode, Fan speeds and set temperature
  • Adjustable Set point limits for cooling and heating
  • Weekly programs
  • 1 Year Data logger (can be exported to Excel)
  • Alarm to 5 different tel. numbers by Texting – optional
  • Ethernet/Internet Connection

Schematic Layout: