CTU – Air Handling Unit Controller


AHU Controller.

AHU Controller Wiring Diagram

Meitav-tec CTU AHU Controller has been designed and configured to control Air Handling Unit (AHU) as per customer’s specifications.
The CTU AHU is a “Plug & Play” controller, suitable for small/medium AHU without the need to modify/program the software for each application.
This high performance, reliable controller is locally operated by a panel display and communicates with the B.M.S by Modbus protocol.

General Features


  • Main supply: 24VAC, 110VAC or 230VAC
  • Outputs:
    • Cool Valve
    • Heat Valve
    • Fresh Air Damper
    • Internal Fan – proportional 0-10VDC
  • Inputs:
    • Return air
    • Supply air
    • Outdoors air
  • Digital inputs (Dry contact):
    • Duct High pressure
    • Duct Low pressure
    • Fire alarm
    • Smoke alarm
  • Easy connection to DIN Rail
  • MAC Address selection by DIP Switches

Note: other configurations and Features are available Per customer specifications