Proportional Output Thermostats

proportional thermostats

Wall-mount, 24VAC thermostats, for all Fan-Coil Proportional Valve applications.

Model Comparison Table

Proportional Output Thermostat Models Wiring Diagrams

The proportional series thermostats are designed to control a wide variety of Fan-Coil applications, with Proportional Valves configurations.
Proportional thermostats suggest different proportional outputs such as 0-10VDC or 2-10VDC, 3 wire (Open-Common-Close), Various Fan Speed control combined with additional Energy Saving Algorithms and Logic.


  • Wall-mount, 24VAC thermostats
  • Fan-Coil supported configurations:
    • 4 pipe – 2 valves
    • 2 pipe – 1 valve
    • No valve
  • Valves Output types:
    • Proportional outputs 0-10VDC or 2-10VDC
    • 3 wire (Open, Common, Close) – Adjustable motor
  • Open/Close time (10 to 400 seconds)
  • 1,2 or 3 Fan speeds
  • Modes: Cool/Heat/Auto, Cool/Heat/Fan, Cool Only
  • Auto Fan Speed – Fan speed will be automatically increased or decreased to achieve user comfort together with Fast Cool/Heat.
  • External Temperature Sensor – optional
  • Auto-change-over between Cool/Heat by T2 sensor (in
    2 pipe systems)
  • °F or °C Temperature Scale
  • Cool and Heat adjustable temperature limits
  • Offset – for temperature reading adjustment
  • IR Remote Control – optional
  • Daily, digital Timer – optimal when you are asleep or
  • Buttons Lock – optional
  • Energy saving – cost effective, environmentally friendly

Fan Coil Thermostats

Fan coil thermostats are generally found in condominiums, hotels and high rise apartment buildings and have the ability to control a variety of fan speeds.