24VAC, flush-mount thermostat,
Heat-Pump configuration,
5-1-1, USA-type weekly program
Freeze Protection & 2 Fan Speeds

FMT-HP21-2S-FP-PROG Specifications
Owner’s Manual

The FMT-HP21-2S-FP-PROG is a stylish, flush-mount thermostat suitable for commercial and residential applications.

It offers Heat Pump configuration for Cool & Heat and other useful features, such as Freeze Protection to ensure HVAC system works well in cold temperature.

Its 5-1-1 program, with 4 periods (Set Cool/Set Heat) per day, is easy to use and can provide 24-hour comfort as well as energy savings.


• Flush-mount, 24VAC thermostat
• DIP switch selectable options:
   • Heat Pump in Cool or Heat
   • Internal or external sensor
   • 3 minutes compressor delay
• 5-1-1 programmable; 4 periods per day, each with Set Heat and Set Cool
• Freeze Protection – starts when Tamb.<45°F, stops when Tamb.>48°F
• Offset – for temperature reading adjustment ±6°
• Modes – Cool, Heat, Emergency Heat, Auto, Fan Only
• 2 fan speeds
• Auto-Fan – option
• External sensor- option
• Lock thermostat pushbuttons – option
• Temperature scale – °F
• Set points limits – 50…90 °F
• Switching between programmable or non-programmable state
• Timer – Program or Non-program state
• IR remote control- option
• AM/PM , real time clock