CTR-24-Super programmable thermostat

Wall mount, 24VAC thermostat, Weekly
Programmable, with an extra IR remote control connection for a second location

CTR-24-SUPER Specifications
Owner’s Manual

The CTR-24-SUPER thermostat offers a selectable number of heating and cooling stages for Heat Pump or Heat/Cool systems.

The CTR-24-SUPER enables connection of an extra IR receiver panel for remote control from a second location. In addition, it offers an alarm output, a fault input and also indicates outdoor temperature. With built-in Weekly Programming (where set Cool, set Heat may be programmed), the TR-24-SUPER is a convenient and easy to use, Temperature Control solution.


  • Main supply – 24VAC
  • Heat Pump or Heat/Cool configuration available
  • Heat pump can be configured for heating or cooling
  • Heat Output configuration – Electric or Oil/Gas operation in Heat Mode
  • When working with Oil/Gas in Heat Mode the internal fan operation can be disabled
  • Multiple stages for Cooling and Heating – up to 2 cooling stages and 3 Heating stages
  • Adjustable Set point limits for cooling and heating
  • Compressor protection delay timer
  • External temperature sensor – optional
  • Outdoor temperature sensor – optional
  • °F or °C Temperature scale – DIP Switch selectable
  • 5-1-1programmable; 4 periods per day, each with Set
  • Heat and Set Cool
  • Clock type – AM/PM or 24 Hrs.
  • Alarm Output – 24VAC dry contact, normally-open
  • Fault Input– 24VAC
  • External IR receiver panel for remote control
  • Energy Saving – cost effective, environmentally friendly thermostat