Wall mount, 24VAC thermostat
with Heat and Cool outputs,
3 fan speeds, IR option and
Economy mode

ETN24-HC11-3S-IR Specifications
Product Information
Owner’s Manual

The ETN24-HC11-3S-IR thermostat is a fully featured, stylish thermostat, suitable for light commercial, residential or apartment

It has two seperate outputs for Cool and Heat and 3 fan speed control. It offers Economy mode for maximum energy saving and adjustable temperature limits. It also
offers various selectable options, such as lock pushbuttons, compressor delay, External temperature sensor input and more.

The ETN24-HC11-3S-IR is an attractive, wall mount thermostat with a large, easy to read display.


• Wall mount, 24VAC thermostat
• 2 Separate outputs for Cool and Heat
• 3 Fan Speeds
• Economy mode
• Fahrenheit temperature display
• Temperature limit– adjustable (50…90°F)
• 3 minutes compressor delay – selectable
• Type of heater (electric heater or oil heater) – selectable
• Temperature offset – adjustable (±6°F)
• Lock thermostat pushbuttons – option
• Internal / external sensor – DIP switch – selectable
• Remote Control – option
• Daily, digital Timer from RC – optimal when you are asleep or away
• Energy saving – cost efficient, environmental friendly thermostat